Does your website pass
Google’s mobile-friendly test?

by Randall Michael Tobin

Theta Media Group Blog Tobin's Two-Minute Tips Google Mobile Friendly Test Results

Today’s tip affects anyone who has (or intends to have) a website. More and more people are browsing the Web using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). As a result, websites designed and programmed to display on a desktop don’t really work when squished down into a device with as little as 10% of the screen size of a desktop display. This has become so much an issue that Google has changed how they rank websites based on their ability to rearrange their elements to fit on mobile devices. A website that is designed to do this is considered “mobile-friendly” or “Responsive.”

Google recently launched a web page that enables you to test your website for mobile-friendliness. If you pass the test, not much will change regarding your search results. However, if your site doesn’t pass the test, your position in Google’s search rankings will drop way down below all other mobile-friendly websites that do pass the test. Take Google’s test and see for yourself:

If your website passed, awesome!

If not, I can help. My company, Theta Media Group, has been designing and programming websites since 1994. And ever since responsive design has become the best practice in website programming, we have helped many clients upgrade their non-responsive websites to being mobile-friendly. We also design new sites from the ground up to be responsive and pass Google’s test with flying colors!

Thanks for taking two minutes to benefit from this timely tip!

Randall Michael Tobin
Website Designer/Programmer

Theta Media Group Blog Tobin's Two-Minute Tips Randall Michael Tobin