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Website Care Plans

We offer more than expert website care.
We supply the tools and knowledge for growth.

No long term contract. Cancel anytime.
Eight reasons why your website should be covered
by one of our care plans:

1. Updates – The digital foundation upon which your website is built is continually being updated. These updates serve three main purposes: Security, Bug Fixes, Functionality. There are major and minor updates to the core code (WordPress) which need to be updated as soon as the updates are released. There are also numerous software add-on modules used in the creation of your site which need to be updated, especially right after the core code is updated (which can alter or even break the functionality of an add-on module). Both of the above need to be checked and updated on a regular basis.

2. Backups – Updating plugins and themes may seem simple, but it’s not. The first step is to perform a full site backup, then update what needs to be updated, then check the entire site to make sure all pages render correctly, all links are functioning as they should, audio/video media players are working, etc. Our Standard Care Plan includes daily full backups that are stored in a secure, off-site location, ensuring that your site can be completely restored should the need ever arise.

3. Security – Whether we like it or not, there are those in the world who have nothing better to do that to try to hack into websites to extract private information or to use your site as an emanation point for destructive malware and viruses. They probe to exploit any weakness in the code used to build the sites, and attack. Often, these attacks are automated — a program designed to seek entry, and if successful, to deposit destructive code. We scan your site with an enterprise-level security program that intercepts such users and reports attempts to hack into your site. It also scans for malware and if found, removes it. We also handle any possible blacklisting of your site due to any collateral damage arising from such malware.

4. Technical Support – Our Website Care Plans include unlimited Priority Technical Support for problems or tasks that take less than 30 minutes to handle (per problem/task). Items that take longer than 30 minutes to handle will be quoted as separate projects.

5. Training/Consulting – Our Standard Care Plan includes one call per month (up to 30 minutes) for training, consulting or whatever needs addressing regarding the website.

6. Website Optimization – We perform several front-end (driver’s seat) checks to see how fast the website is loading and then address these issues on the back end (under the hood). Of all the factors affecting the end-user experience, site load times are the most crucial. With content being updated on a regular basis, there will be issues with image size, database size, background scripts, plugins, etc., that will impact speed. Those will be looked into and addressed each month to ensure the fastest possible load times for your site.

7. Monthly Reports – We generate weekly and monthly reports that are delivered to you as PDF files right to your e-mail. These reports detail our actions addressing many of the items covered above, as well as analytics, website and social media engagement.

8. No Long-Term Contract – Our Website Care Plans are month-to-month; you can cancel at any time as long as we are given at least 10 days notice to change the auto-pay system that is activated when you sign up.

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