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Content Marketing Plans


Search Engine Optimization is still relevant, but Content Marketing is the new wave of dissemination of your brand, products, information and reputation. More and more people are turning to YouTube and Pinterest to find video or images of what they are looking for, rather than Google as a first choice.

Content Marketing is so important that we’ve invested in the technology and training to be able to deliver custom-crafted content on a schedule, that’s relevant to your business.

We offer a choice of plans that deliver Content Marketing on a monthly basis. The Premium and Elite plans include the production of Info-Videos that quickly communicate to the viewer what a particular product or service is all about. Video engagement keeps visitors tuned in to your website longer, which is a significant factor in search engine rankings. (We also offer custom-scripted and produced videos on a quoted, per-project basis.)

Hit the ground running with one of our Content Marketing Plans below: