Our Process for Helping Your Company Grow

Theta Media Group Process Bar Graph

1. Discovery

The first step to an online strategy that can result in measurable growth is Discovery. We do this utilizing our comprehensive Website Project Questionnaire which, once filled out, gets a complete analysis by Randall Michael Tobin to see if Theta Media Group can effectively help your company achieve those goals within the specified budget. When approved, the next step is scheduling a meeting with you and your team (free of charge) at your office (if local) or via skype to further explore the information from the Questionnaire, noting exactly where your company stands today, and where you would like it to be in the near future. We also take an in-depth look at the real-world barriers that are impeding the achievement of your business goals. This meeting is quite revelatory and has much value in and of itself. However, should you have trouble filling in the Website Project Questionnaire due to lack of hard facts or unclear goals, we can schedule a fee-based discovery session to help reestablish those points and rekindle the original goals and purposes of your endeavor.

2. Branding

Your brand is much more than just a unique mark. It represents you and your company in a visual form and should communicate to anyone who sees it, a sense of what your vision is all about. Your brand is also what sets your company apart from all the others; it’s what makes your products or services different from anything else. Your brand also has an emotional connection with your customers and they will tell their friends why your product or service is so good. Whether your company currently has a brand identity or not, we can design or update/repurpose an existing mark or logotype for traditional print materials, as well as for use in expanding into the internet space.

3. Content

“Content” may be a single word but it represents at least ten different forms of media that are used to create an engaging online experience. At Theta Media Group, we’ve been producing text copy, typesetting, graphics, images, videos, music, narration, forms, documents, and animations for websites since the dawn of the digital age. And with Content Marketing being the hot new digital strategy, content creation and dissemination is even more vital to your online success. From your opening UVP (Unique Value Proposition) to the final CTA (Call to Action), it all comes down to what we’ve been doing for years: creating excellent content for our clients!

4. Design & Build

While your content is being curated or created from scratch, the website design process begins. Based on our in-depth research conducted with the decision makers at your business, we prototype and then design your website to address all of the areas discovered and agreed upon during the initial meetings. The result is a blueprint which is closely followed as we build your new digital marketplace engine. Now that we have the raw materials and a recipe for success, it’s time to apply our technology and know-how to build your online presence. During construction, our team will be in close contact with your team to ensure production checkpoints are approved and we stay on schedule.

5. Quality Assurance

Before we unveil your website to the world, we do a significant number of quality-assurance actions to ensure your site works as it should across different systems and devices. This includes page load times, navigation functions and e-commerce operations. We also perform a head-to-toe proofreading step to eliminate typographic or grammatical errors, missing words or incorrect words that would not show up during a routine spell check. We also double-check spellings of proper names, such as those listed in the Contact or About pages of your site. Insignificant as typos may seem, we’ve known people who perceive them to be a negative indicator of the quality of service or product they might receive from your company, and so take their business elsewhere.

6. Marketing

Once your website is launched, it’s time to make it known to your target customers and clients. This is where digital marketing comes in. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing Plans, Integration with e-mail engines such as Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, Sales Funnels, Lead Capture and Split Testing options for maximizing your new website. Splash Screens, Seasonal Campaigns, Contests and Daily Specials are effective strategies for attracting a loyal following. It’s also important to have an active and informative Blog/Vlog on your website which positions you and your company as the authority in your niche.

7. Training

It is a wise investment to have one or more people at your company trained on how to update and manage the content on your company’s website. Theta Media Group offers on-site One-on-One Training and Group Training, or Remote Session Training from our office to yours. Creating blog posts, adding images, adding/updating products are well within the scope of what can be learned in just a few hours of one-on-one training. (Note that more complex requests such as adding pages, changing the menu structure, etc., would require more skills than can be economically taught, which is why we offer website project add-on services after the website is completed.)

8. Website Care Plans

Just as any new luxury vehicle needs regular care to maintain its peak performance, so too does your website. That’s why we offer a choice of Website Care Plans to suit your needs. Common to all of the plans is keeping your website safe and secure with timely updates and security scans. Included in our mid- and top-level plans is a comprehensive dashboard showing how your website is performing as far as number of visitors, where they are located, how many page clicks, and several more key metrics that provide useful data for fine tuning your marketing campaigns. Depending on the plan you choose, various amounts of technical support and training are included.