Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Vocalessence by Amy | Recording Artist

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Vocalessence by Amy | Recording Artist

The Vision

Vocalessence Track Comp 300Vocalessence by Amy was the first mobile-friendly website designed by Randall Michael Tobin at Theta Media Group, and it still gets kudos today from fans near and far. The website was built to celebrate the debut of singer/songwriter Amy and her new album, Vocalessence. Each of its 12 responsive tiles reveals a story of how the album came to be, track by track, as told by Randall himself. How would he know? It just so happens Randall was the music producer, arranger and co-writer of most of the songs on the album (one of which took First Place in the Great American Song Contest), so you’ll get a behind-the-scenes insight as to how this album came to be, from the man himself!

The Website

Since this was Randall’s first website built on the emerging WordPress core technology, and since he had so much creativity invested in the album itself, this website had to be special. A lot of thought and planning went into the hybrid grid layout, colors, navigation, audio media player, images, text, and video that make up this extensive “album cover with liner notes package.” One of the small details in the design of this site is the navigation bar which is arranged to look like a diamond, formed from the stack of textual labels.

Like the album itself, was also designed to be fun, whimsical, poignant, touching and heartfelt. If you don’t yet own the album, there are audio excerpts for all of the songs (plus a full video of the title track) included on each of the tiled pages.

The Result

Amy was very moved by the finished website. She wrote about the whole experience of working and creating with Randall Michael Tobin:

Passion, Life, Love, Flavor, Spirit, Spark and a delightfully favorable attitude doesn’t even begin to do justice in describing my experience with Randall Michael Tobin at Theta Sound Studio. I came to him with a voice and a few lyrics. I left with a professional album full of complex, beautifully arranged music. The multi-talented Randall is a Jewel. I am blessed with a comfort and confidence in knowing I have made a new friend in whom I can trust. Not something you can say very often in this industry.


(A personal note: The last song on the album is the Beatles classic, In My Life. I’m very fortunate that Amy came into my life when she did. It resulted in the creation of magic on many levels. The album and website remain some of my most rewarding endeavors, and continue to bring me joy whenever I immerse myself in the music, wander through the myriad web pages or just smile watching Vocalessence, the video. — RMT)

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