Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Valerie Fahren | Celebrity Vocal Coach

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Valerie Fahren | Celebrity Vocal Coach

The Vision

VF home 300Valerie Fahren is a Celebrity Vocal Coach and Artist Development specialist based in Los Angeles, California. Her company, Valerie Fahren Productions, produces the acclaimed Music Industry Showcases which have been presented annually since 1995. When Valerie’s previous website (shown here) didn’t pass Google’s mobile-friendly test, she was concerned and rightly so. Most of Valerie’s clients are the younger set who virtually live on their cell phones. Valerie liked the content on her site and other than needing to update some of her newer clients and the homepage splash video, the pieces were pretty much in place for a smooth migration. Randall Michael Tobin has known Valerie for many years, having engineered and produced demos, singles and albums for several of her clients at Theta Sound Studio. Having also attended many of the showcases mentioned above, gave Randall a good sense of the vibe required for the design of the new site.

The Website

Valerie is an amazing singer herself and she was a big part of the design process. Every phase of website design was presented and tweaked until it got her stamp of approval. She also ensured the pages looked right and loaded quickly on her cell phone, which was helpful in optimizing the code.

VF Old Logo 300The first thing Randall created was the new logo brand. It would set the tone for the user experience and so needed to convey the excitement of being on stage, ready to perform. The previous logo (shown here) used five elements: a circle, spotlight, star, microphone on a stand and her name in type. Randall’s approach was the simplify the design yet add more visual to convey the feeling of being on stage. By choosing a spotlight shining down on the stage, casting a shadow on the logotype of Valerie’s name, the viewer gets an immediate sense of stepping from the audience onto the stage to perform. The opening banner was completed with “productions” added, along with a new Unique Value Proposition: “developing tomorrow’s stars, today!” which Randall crafted based on all he had gleaned from working with Valerie and her clients over the years. (A concise Unique Value Proposition is key to increasing conversions from website visitors!) The banner became the basis for the rotating slider which features the various services she delivers.

SS VF Logo 900

Because the new brand concept was so inspiring, it set the tone for the rest of the site. Theta Media Group edited and titled the new splash video, also incorporating the new brand. The home page finishes out with a reprise of the four main services and links to those pages. The balance of the site is filled with engaging content: behind-the-scenes looks at the development of a rising star; client Success Stories; details of the services offered; a Media/Press page and Valerie’s Vocal Warm-ups MP3 download which is available for sale.

The Result

Valerie Fahren’s mobile-friendly website realizes her vision for a new look, compatibility across devices, faster loading and visitor engagement. Her services and showcases are in constant demand and we’re honored to have been part of that winning formula! Here’s what Valerie wrote us after the project was completed:

Randall Tobin at Theta Media Group has created a very aesthetic website for my company, which has attracted good attention and is also mobile friendly. He really duplicated my vision of what I create in my business, and it has proven to be helpful in attracting new clients.

Another thing about Randall is that he is very service oriented, gets things done very quickly, and produces a very good product. If anything does come up that needs to be tweaked or fixed, he also handles that very quickly. He’s a brilliant media engineer and really knows his business.

I recommend Randall completely, with no reservations. I am very busy with my business and don’t have a lot of time for going back and forth on website issues, so Theta Media Group really is perfect for handling our online presence.

Valerie Fahren
Valerie Fahren Productions


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