Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | TSI Digital Media | CD/DVD/USB Manufacturing

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | TSI Digital Media | CD/DVD/USB Manufacturing

The Vision

SS TSI OLD 300TSI Digital Media is a full-service CD, DVD, BluRay and Flash Drive replication, printing and packaging company located in Valencia, California. Randall Michael Tobin and Theta Media Group have used this quality duplication house exclusively for their audio and video clients, so Randall approached TSI’s vice president, account manager and friend, Stu Feldman, about bringing their website into the mobile-friendly age. Besides aging content, the original site did not pass Google’s mobile-friendly test and so would be dropped considerably lower in the search engine rankings. Randall drove to Valencia (about 40 miles north of Los Angeles) to meet with Stu, tour the plant, meet the staff, and formulate a plan for presenting TSI Digital media in a brand new light.

The Website

TSI Old and New Logos 200Building a new website is all about new content so the first thing Randall addressed was the company logo. Not only had the name changed TSI (Tape Specialty Inc.) from their early days as cassette duplicators, but the technology had also changed from tape to CD, then DVD, BluRay Disc and Digital Memory Products like USB Flash Drives, SD Cards and so on. You can see the older logo and the new “digital disc” circle logo here. The new logo also has an expanded version with matching text “digital media” to the right of the “tsi” lettering. This version is used on the website heading, business cards, letterhead and for other branding purposes.

The next item on the list was to create a new video that would tell the story of TSI Digital Media and introduce the family-owned company and its staff to website visitors in about two minutes. Randall returned to TSI’s manufacturing facility with video and still cameras, and proceeded to collect a good deal of footage. Back at Theta Media Group’s award-winning studios, Randall then wrote the script, narrated it, edited the footage, and added original music to tie it all together. The final video was rendered in High Definition, uploaded to YouTube and embedded on the TSI website home page. The result is a compelling story about a small business that produces great products and always puts their customers first.

Sample of TSI’s finished products were collected and meticulously scanned and touched up for display on the site’s product pages. Design templates were also needed so that DIY clients could design their CD/DVD package artwork themselves if they didn’t wish to take advantage of TSI’s own art department. This provided options and more value to their customers.

The Result

When the website went live, we knew it was just the completion of “phase one.” Attracting clients to a website requires marketing and promotional actions to improve search engine results and stand out from the crowd. When the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament was underway, Randall suggested to Stu that a splash page be designed to seize the moment and resonate with the demographic of college students, many of whom are also musicians who could use TSI’s services. The campaign was called Merch Madness and after the splash page was deployed, and without any further promotion, a significant order came in to the company directly as a result (a code word was displayed for new clients to use to receive special pricing so the promotion could be tracked). This shows the potential of new and engaging website campaigns in action!

Stu was very pleased with the new TSI Digital Media website and sent us this testimonial:

After working with Randall & Cyndie Tobin of Theta Sound Studio for over 30 years, I’ve gotten to know them pretty well. I’ve learned that Randall is a “quality first” type of person with special attention to details. Because of that I decided on having Theta Media Group revamp our outdated website. We agreed on a price and I expected on getting a revamped website that was updated, modern, and functionally valuable. You never quite know if you will get your money’s worth in the beginning but you move forward anyway. With websites in particular you have to work as a team to gather ideas and strategies. I knew Randall was up for the task but was I up for the task? Now that the update is done and ready for prime time, I’m happy to say that I really feel like Randall was the perfect person to execute, direct, and graphically articulate our vision. Every discussion we had during the process was value added. I totally feel I got my money’s worth and I’m very excited to have our website help us get the positive results we are looking for.

Stu Feldman
TSI Digital Media

Thanks to Stu and all the helpful staff at TSI who made our job a pleasure!

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