Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | The Log Workout | Fitness Products

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | The Log Workout | Fitness Products

The Vision

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | The Log Workout | Fitness ProductThe Log Workout is the invention and vision of former pro ball player and current athletic trainer, Mike Boyd. Like some of our clients, Mike has had more than one career and Randall Michael Tobin met Mike when he came to Theta Sound Studio (the music/audio division of Theta Media Group) to record some of his songs. Randall soon learned of Mike’s love of baseball and we were asked to build Mike a website in support of his unique baseball training system: BaseAll.

The Website

The Log Workout is a new website so Randall started off by making sure it would present the brand and the product quickly and simply on one page. The previously-designed logo was placed prominently at the top, as well as several places on the page. Next was the production of a video that would tell the story in under two minutes. Mike got the video footage needed and then both Randall and Mike hammered out the script. Randall then directed Mike in the recording of the narration at Theta Sound Studio, and the video was then cut to follow that. Titles and overlays were inserted to provide visual cues to go along with the narration. Mike choose the music bed to glue it all together and Randall created the final “doom” sound that coincides with the last line of the script: “Dominate your sport!”

Once the video was rendered for YouTube, it was embedded on the web page right near the top. The purpose is to get visitors to watch it right away. The final time was 1:20 and the pace is such that it’s over before one realizes it. Then visitors scroll down to get pricing, sizes, etc. At the bottom there’s another video of a sample sports-specific exercise routine, one of the line of training video products that go with the The Log Workout. E-commerce is handled through PayPal, which accepts most credit cards and was easy to set up. Due to the sheer weight of The Log, three prices were set to cover the shipping costs from California to the west, midwest/south and east coast.

The Result

Mike likes his new Log Workout site. It’s the perfect way to show anyone, anywhere, exactly what The Log is, how it’s used, and how to get one (or more). As a result, The Log Workout is now being used in schools and sports facilities around the United States. About our work, Mike had this to say:

I just want to say thanks for all the help and assistance and enthusiasm that you brought to all my projects – music, websites, voiceovers. I have had great responses on all of them. I would highly recommend Theta Media Group to everyone for any of their music/web design needs.

Mike Boyd

Thanks, Mike. It’s rewarding bringing new music and websites that make a difference into the world.

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