Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Omni Tool Works | OmniSquare Tool

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Omni Tool Works | OmniSquare Tool

The Vision

Omni Tool Works Page 500Omni Tool Works is a small business that sprang from the imagination of carpenter/inventor Larry Braddock. From years of experience in the construction trade, Larry developed a single measuring/guide tool, the OmniSquare, that could take the place of several tools one would normally have on hand at the job site. He machined his prototypes and when satisfied with the design and function, started mass production (which he does himself). A new website was needed to market and sell the OmniSquare. Its purpose would be to enlighten, demonstrate and provide a purchase option for the new tool.

The Website

Omni Tool Works Logos 400Although the site would be a simple one-page affair, digital business consultant and lead website designer Randall Michael Tobin knew that branding would be necessary to give the business and the product an identity that would resonate with the target public: professional carpenters, welders, construction workers and do-it-yourself-ers (DYI). The branding for the OmniSquare tool itself came first, with a “machine-scribed” look of white outline on a blue background, similar to the actual tool’s anodized blue color with engraved markings filled in with white enamel. Once the new logo was approved, the Omni Tool Works company brand was forged using the same industrial typeface in solid blue and styled in a 3D look similar to the classic metal letter castings that are attached to cars and trucks. The brand’s tagline, “thinking outside of the square” which Randall created as a take-off on the ubiquitous “thinking outside of the box,” conveys the innovative aspect of this tool which does the work of several conventional (and costly) tools.

The client created his own product demo video footage for posting on YouTube. Theta Media Group polished the the video by adding the OmniSquare branding at the beginning as well as an overlay for that runs the length of the tutorial. With YouTube being the #2 search engine behind Google, the OmniSquare video brings potential customers to Larry’s website from YouTube as well as Google searches.

The balance of the web page conveys in still pictures what has already been demonstrated in the product video. Interspersed between the photos and information text, are short customer testimonials that add confidence to the design and durability of the OmniSquare. The Buy Now buttons are placed near the top and at the bottom of the page, and the killer price for such a quality, hand-machined product, makes acquiring one or more OmniSquares an easy purchase decision.

The Result

Larry has been doing brisk business since his website was deployed and he sent us this:

I had Randall design my website for a carpenter’s / welder’s tool which I invented and machined myself. He was great to work with, quickly understood what I wanted, and set it up fast. Randall handled everything involved and I started getting sales right away, which is just what I wanted. Thanks Randall!

Larry Braddock
Omni Tool Works

Thanks to you, too, Larry, for inventing such a cool tool and inviting us to help you present it to the world!

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