Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Isotopia Records | Indie Record Label

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Constance Hauman | Opera Star | Isotopia Records | Indie Record Label

The Vision

Constance Hauman could best be described as a Renaissance Woman. An international opera star with more critically-acclaimed performances than can easily fit on this page; a writer, director, actor who created and starred in Exiles in Paradise, the Holocaust-inspired true story of Germany’s brilliant Jewish composers fleeing for their lives during World War II and ending up in Hollywood as some of the finest film scorers the industry has ever had; an actor on the big screen in Sony Pictures’ Madama Butterfly; a ballerina; a fine musician, songwriter, composer and producer. If the list ended there the definition would be fulfilled. But add to that Constance’s genre-jumping to Pop, R&B and Electronica for her latest album, Falling Into Now, along with the creation of Isotopia Records, a new independent record label with international distribution… well, you start to get the idea there isn’t anything this true artist can’t do to realize her vision!

Enter Randall Michael Tobin who first met Constance when she came to Theta Sound Studio to record the Joni Mitchell song The Circle Game. Since that time, Randall has worked with Constance on several music and location recording projects, and has seen first-hand the emotional impact this artist has on her audiences. So when Constance asked him to create her first website, Randall had a head start on what needed to be done to convey the emotion along with the information and audio / video content.

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Constance Hauman Website CH2 Page Comp 300The Website

To date, Constance has three websites by Theta Media Group, one of which ( was recently updated to comply with Google’s mobile-friendly edict and simultaneously received a total design makeover, the second site ( has been partially updated so as to be visible on Apple devices (no Flash), and the third ( was built from the ground up for her new record label. The Constance Hauman site opens with a uniquely styled photograph and “isotope” graphic art design which you can see above. The photo background was taken by Constance from her New York City residence overlooking Central Park. Her eyes were blended into the scenery creating an not-of-this-world appearance. Each of the “ions” is a page link that displays an atomic ring when one hovers over or taps them. The faux molecular abbreviations contribute to the “scientific” motif; their full meaning revealed when hovering or selecting each one.

The Isotopia Records website stands on its own, though it can be accessed from the IR ion on Constance’s bespoke site. The inspiration for the design comes from the Isotopia Records logo, a circle almost surrounding a lower case “i” from the typeface Nexa Bold. The logo designer, who also designed the stunning gallery-quality hardbound book for Constance’s new CD, did an amazing job of creating one of the best album packages we’ve ever seen! (You can see several shots of it on the Isotopia Records home page slider.) It wasn’t hard to be inspired by his work; the minimalist stark black and white motif we used throughout the website carries the theme forward. Randall took the logo and shaded it, then rotated it 45 degrees seven more times to create a set of eight navigation buttons. Randall took the concept one step further, creating a social media link stack at the bottom of each page, fashioning four icons into the Isotopia “i”. Audio clips, links to music stores and streaming services are organized into their appropriate pages, as are the About, Releases, Artists, News and Contact. A randomized image gallery completes the online octet.

The Result

From an artist’s viewpoint, a well-designed website should be a virtual representation of a vision that is real enough to allow visitors to enter that world and get lost in it for a while. It should be intuitive enough to facilitate getting from one place to another without much thought. And it should be engaging enough that people want to tell their friends about it. Constance feels we accomplished that, and more, as she writes here:

Randall Tobin and Theta Sound Studio have been involved in my creative content life for the past 13 years. Randall is very special in many ways. One of his great strengths is that he is a musician himself and so his ability to make visual and social media content work for the musician/singer/artist, etc., is coming from a core of being an artist himself. He is a renaissance man in that he is a filmmaker, composer, sound engineer and designer which brings organic harmony to the websites he builds for each client. On top of that he is always a pleasure to work with, stays extremely calm when a client such as myself has lost it sometimes for not being able to figure out some tech thing!! He is unbelievably fast and always gets it done with integrity and enthusiasm. Above all, I appreciate so much that he has become a friend along the way and I know I am not the only client that shares true friendship with The Tobins.

My Isotopia Records website has received great attention since we launched it nine months ago. The consistent comments have been that it looks great, is easy to use, opens easily on all devices. My personal Constance Hauman website couldn’t have been realized without Randall’s keen understanding of the design I was envisioning which would connect several sites into ‘one world.’ That site has received a lot of attention as well for the originality of the design.

I have met many web designers and ‘brandmakers’ over the years, trying to lure my business in their direction, but every single one has lacked Randall’s key component: they aren’t artists or musicians themselves and have difficulty thinking outside the box.
Randall is also very accessible to manage the sites and add and subtract content so that the sites are continually up to date.
I can’t recommend anyone more than Randall Tobin!

Constance Hauman

It’s great to know artists and friends like Constance! And helping artists create and promote art is a purpose we at Theta Media Group are most passionate about…

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