Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Charles Pitt | America's Tenor

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | Charles Pitt | America’s Tenor

The Vision

CP Old Site Comp 300Charles Pitt is a man of many talents: Operatic Tenor, Actor, Screenwriter and Polo Player, to name just a few. Presenting that on a website was no easy task, and after getting photos, videos and music players to coexist in the days of older web technology, Charles’ previous site (shown here) quickly fell behind in mobile friendliness and general appeal. That’s when we took the reins and created a focused, one-page website that showcases Mr. Pitts’ artistic and equestrian endeavors in a streamlined, handsome design.

The Website

The challenge of creating a single-page website is keeping it lean enough to load quickly on all devices, not an easy task with all the images, video previews and photo gallery thumbnails to ingest. But with astute optimization of images and code, we got the site to rate very high on the two most prominent test standard services.

Randall felt that the page should open with several full-screen slides of Charles that show his myriad talents, along with some timely quotes from celebrities and the press. But the images from the previous site were too small and not formatted to the newer widescreen look of Hi-Definition desktop displays or mobile devices in landscape orientation. So Randall pored through thousands of video frames from Charles’ films and music videos, to find the needed images. The quotes were then superimposed on the photos themselves, guaranteeing they would show up exactly as planned on any device.

The long video from the previous site was edited into three sections, which makes it easier for visitors to watch the two television features and the music video compilation, which is featured in a larger viewport. One of the most annoying things about embedding videos hosted on YouTube is those unsightly and inappropriate suggestions that show up at the end of most videos. Using two separate technologies, we prevent that from happening, making for a better user experience overall.

The final challenge was ensuring that all the media elements rearranged themselves precisely when viewed/listened to on various devices. Once that goal was achieved, the site was launched!

Here’s what Charles wrote us after the project was completed:

Randall Tobin at Theta Media Group has always helped me sound good with my music recordings; now the new website makes me look even better! Thanks for the great job!

Charles Pitt
America’s Tenor


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