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The Vision

Audit Defender Website v1 300Audit Defender, Inc., is a full-service accounting office headed up by its founder, Ronald C. Singerman, CPA. Randall Michael Tobin of Theta Media Group serviced Ron’s company computer systems over the years, but the previous website was designed by another developer. When Randall ran the Google Mobile-Friendly test on the old website (home page shown here), it failed, which meant would drop in search rankings below other sites that passed the mobile friendly test. We suggested a complete redesign of the site using a fully responsive content management system, and after detailing the issues that would be brought up to modern best-practice standards, Ron gave us the go-ahead.

The Website

Our client liked the logo of a knight with a shield on his rearing horse, so we kept that element as a focal point, but expanded the company name and his professional title to be the dominant brands. All of the elements from the old site were repurposed for use on the new site, saving time for the migration and upgrade. Search Engine Optimization was also implemented on all pages with optimal title, description and keywords now in place. A top-rated website security system was put into place and it wasted no time in stonewalling random attempts from locations outside of the United States that were trying to gain access to the site.

The Result

Ron was very pleased with the new website and he sent us a testimonial which reads:

I have had a very positive experience working with Theta Media Group’s Randall Tobin to update my Audit Defender web site! The update was professional, fast and reasonably priced. It even included security features that I would not have thought to ask about. Thank you so much! Sincerely,

Ron Singerman, CPA

Thanks, Ron. Glad to be of service!

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