Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | AmeriCast | Pre-Cast Generator Pads

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | AmeriCast | Pre-Cast Generator Pads

The Vision

Theta Media Group Client Website Showcase | AmeriCast | Pre-Cast Generator PadsAmericast is a company that has literally created a niche support market in the electrical generator sector: Pre-Cast Concrete Generator Pads. Company founder, Charles Pitt, met Randall Michael Tobin when he came to Theta Sound Studio to record his versions of opera and musical theater songs. Charles combined his opera skills with Pop sensibilities to arrive at what he calls Popera, and through the cinematic music videos he produced in support of his album, Charles achieved notice and exposure on television and public events. Charles is also an accomplished Polo player, horseman, actor and screenwriter. His generator pad business is probably the furthest thing from being an entertainer, but, as he says, “At least it’s concrete!” That said, Charles asked Randall to build the original AmeriCast website and when that got to be overstuffed with all the new clients and product offerings, it was time to upgrade to a fully responsive, mobile-friendly version “2.0.”

The Website

Since we already had the content from the first website, migrating to a new mobile-friendly “residence” was fairly easy. What took some thought was how to implement the things Charles liked about the first site, while still having the flexibility required to adapt to multiple screens and devices. The beauty of modern website technology is, similar to music, there are thousands of options. It’s knowing how to choose what options to apply, where to implement them, and how to set them up to run seamlessly with other technology. Theta Media Group definitely accomplished that and AmeriCast has grown to hold a sizable position in this lucrative market, especially in the states where hurricanes and other weather phenomena wreak havoc on the power grid.

But the AmeriCast website would not be complete without some video of Charles singing his Popera, riding horses, and acting in several romantic roles in his music videos. So right on the home page visitors can take a detour and smile as they catch some of his mini-movies and interviews on local television. As off-the-wall as it may sound, Charles recently closed a large sale after the client’s wife saw his Popera video on the AmeriCast website!

The Result

Charles is very happy with our work and consistently reminds us of how good we make him look:

Randall Michael Tobin has proven to me that there is no shame in having a “Day Job” in order to continue my “Art.”

Whenever an artist and/or a businessman needs proper presentation to the WORLD via the Internet there is no better promoter of the arts and/or business than Randall Michael Tobin. I say this with the experience I have had with Randall who had the creativity to utilize MY creativity in producing my CD/Video, “Be My Love,” and my business, AmeriCast.

Charles Pitt
America’s Tenor, Businessman
BeMyLove ~

Thanks, Charles! Glad we could contribute to the “promotion motion” on so many levels…

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