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When you started your life’s pursuit, you probably had a vision, an idea you wanted to share with the world (or at least your family, friends and your dog). And although your livelihood has evolved since those humble beginnings, the original dream is what keeps the flame burning, for you and the people who work with you to make that dream a reality.

At Theta Media Group, we can help you achieve your vision by expanding your reach into new markets. We do this by creating exceptional mobile-friendly websites with engaging content that turn casual visitors into loyal customers, clients, fans, etc., who then tell their families, friends (and their dogs) all about your products, services, art, or whatever light you shine in this world.

That said, being a focused, creative team ourselves, we are necessarily selective about the projects we can devote our time and attention to. When we take on a new project, we want to be able to deliver the best quality website design, text copy and multimedia content that will match your vision and resonate with your ideal customers or clients.

Therefore, the first step is getting to know about you, your organization and your vision. Please complete our Project Inquiry form and let’s see if we are the right fit to effectively take your online presence to the next level.


Our Process to Help You and Your Company Grow

At Theta Media Group, we’ve been creating traditional media (logos, business cards, brochures, newsletters, posters, signage, manuals, books, video, audio, etc.) long before the internet took root. Our range of services is wide and deep, which works to your advantage when it comes to creating the right mix of media to use not only on your website, but for other purposes as well.

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Websites, Branding and Testimonials from some Very Cool Companies and Artists


Compendium is defined as a collection of items. And since there was no way we could list ALL of the clients we’ve provided media services for over the years, here’s a compendium of the more recognizable ones, with additional alumni revealed under the button…

Client Logos comp 1798

Placido Domingo and Catherine Miller at Theta Sound Studio, Theta Media Group, Website Design, Branding and E-Commerce

Walt Disney Studios | Microsoft | Nestle | Placido Domingo / L.A. Opera | Viacom | Xerox | Dick Van Dyke | Walt Disney Imagineering | Rodney Dangerfield | Brentwood Presbyterian Church | Temple Israel of Hollywood | Youth for Human Rights International | Chick Corea | Mel Carter | California Contemporary Ballet | Corff Voice Studios | Harriet Schock | Zooey Deschanel | TSI Digital Media | Jim Latham…

Jim Latham and Dick van Dyke at Theta Sound Studio, Theta Media Group, Website Design, Branding and E-Commerce


Randall Michael Tobin, President, Theta Media Group, Inc., Website Design, Branding and E-Commerce
Randall Michael Tobin, President
Theta Media Group, Inc.

It all started when I couldn’t get a job… But I’m getting ahead of myself. The seeds of my present career were sown at an early age when I taught myself drawing and music. These skills were further nurtured in junior high where my favorite classes were Industrial Arts (wood shop, metal shop, plastics, leather & crafts shop, drafting, print shop) and orchestra. In high school I added photography to my arsenal (including developing film, and creating prints in the darkroom).

After high school, I decided the best way for me to stay out of trouble was to not hang around the bowling alley for another summer. My sister had joined the US Air Force a year earlier, so Mom suggested I see the local recruiter. I scored near the top in electronics and mechanics, so the recruiter said I could pretty much pick my profession in either of those fields. I went with electronics and took the leap. But when the blast of hot, humid air, and screaming Drill Instructors hit me square in the face as I stepped off the plane in San Antonio, Texas, I instantly knew this was NOT what I was going to be doing the rest of my life! On the bright side, I had four years to figure out what I really wanted to do…